Endless opportunity to scale to 30k+ months in revenue after year one at 30-60% profit!

One of the few companies to crack to Etsy code for success.

The perception of an Etsy store is small business, mom and pop shop, and hand made products which gives us a much better customer who is lenient towards shipping times.

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We will take the drivers seat in building, launching , operating and scaling you a 6 or 7 figure automated Etsy store.

We handle the following

Our Etsy Store Automation Services

Digital Real Estate

A  Etsy Store Business is an appreciating digital asset which can be  worth anywhere from 3-10X your annual revenue after 18 months.

Fully Automated

Custom product research, logsitics and operations team that runs the business for you, so you don't have to work

Passive Income

A whole new source of passive income, and an opportunity to diversify your investments

Etsy has the opportunity to became a legitimate made and prepare for an exit for a substantial multiple.

If  you are looking to invest in this opportunity and learn more, please  setup an introductory call with us to see if there’s a fit. We want to  learn about you and your goals.

  We  are curating a community of like-minded investors, so we take every  investor interest very seriously. This will require a minimum $15,000  with working capital.

Are You Ready?

Onboarding process

LLC, EIN, support

Etsy Store creation

Backend store setup on the Etsy platform

Product research, analysis, and product listings

Order processing and repricing

Inventory management

Confirmation of shipping and tracking

Management of claims and chargebacks

Processing and handling infringement claims

30-60% profit margins

Intent based purchases

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