About Us

We are an automation company and an e-commerce  growth agency wrapped into one. Based in Sun City, AZ with a mission  to increase access to the 4.8 trillion dollar Ecom market for the regular investor. The founder of Sandi Ecom, Anthony has had tremendous success in the digital asset and e-commerce space. Noticing a gap in the market and a lack of qualified providers with proper  execution, they seized an opportunity to legitimize this business model  and leverage their expertise, e-commerce success and business acumen to  build a tier 1 infrastructure for fulfillment , product research,  analytics, logistics and customer service in the e-commerce space.  ​

Today that infrastructure is leveraged by a growing network of 50+ clients. Each client relationship is driven by quality, performance and  transparency, all while building additional wealth and expanding  appreciating digital assets. The Sandi Ecom team is comprised of 40+  seasoned e-commerce professionals, with 7+ years of experience and multiple 7 figures revenue generated for clients in 2021 alone.